Women Machine Learning Bootcamp 2020

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Event Details

Women Machine Learning Bootcamp 2020

In full alignment with KAUST mission, the event will be a great opportunity to continue building the community around Women To Impact, educate through a well designed accelerated program basic Machine Learning technologies and tools, and offer a unique networking experience to participants.


KAUST will offer participants the below:

• Hosting the Bootcamp event

• Teaching and Lab studies: Faculty Members and TAs

• Access KAUST computing resources

Program Components


Our Machine Learning Bootcamp is limited to maximum of 50 participants and welcomes participants from the following categories to register:

• Women from local universities 4-th year undergraduate students, who have learned well about calculus, linear algebra,   probability and statistics, and programming courses (e.g., C/C++, Java, Python)

• Professional Python developers, data scientists and data analysts

• KAUST Female senior students

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Event Postponed

Event Quick Information

15 - 18 Mar, 2020
08:00 AM – 17:00 PM




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