WiDS Datathon Workshop @MathWorks: Climate Change competition

Thu, 17 February 2022

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Climate Change competition: get ready for the WiDS Datathon 2022!


About this event

Are you looking for an opportunity to work on a global data challenge, improve data science skill, boost your CV and win a global prize?

Join the virtual Women in Data Science (WiDS) @ MathWorks Datathon Workshop on 17th February 2022 at 11.00 - 12.30 GMT.

You will learn to work with data and build predictive models using MATLAB.

No prior knowledge in MATLAB or in data science is required!

No MATLAB installation is required, you will only need a web browser!

Everyone is welcome to attend and we look forward to meeting the Women To Impact (WTI) initiative from KSA who will also join us in this event!

Highlights of the workshops:

  • Getting started with MATLAB
  • Accessing and Exploring data
  • Pre-processing and Cleaning data
  • Developing Predictive Models

About the speakers

Dr Julia Hoerner and Dr Martina Sciola are WiDS Ambassadors and part of the Academia Team at MathWorks, the makers of MATLAB and Simulink.

They support academics with their teaching and research activities at universities worldwide.

About the challenge

The WiDS Datathon 2022 aims to tackle the global climate change problems and reduce building energy consumption. The challenge consists of analyzing the differences in buildings energy efficiency, creating models to predict building energy consumption and helping policymakers to maximize emissions reductions.

Anyone can enter the competition, at any level of experience! See more details here.

The WiDS @ Mathworks Datathon Workshop is an independent event organized by Julia Hoerner and Martina Sciola to coincide with the annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) Datathon. Participants can be of any gender, and can be students, faculty, government workers, members of NGOs, or industry members.