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Submit a solution to win $10,000 USD

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Submit a solution to win $10,000 USD

The Women To Impact (WTI) Resilience challenge is aimed at individuals and teams from around the world with a science, engineering or technical background.

The aim is for participants to submit technology-based solutions that help local ecosystems build resilience to real-world challenges such as climate change, disasters, epidemics, food insecurity and environmental degradation.

Although under the umbrella of the Women to Impact initiative, the challenge allows entries from teams with mixed genders.

Teams and individuals simply need to:

  1. Register to the challenges platform 
  2. Explore the different topics under the challenges to address
  3. Complete the questionnaire online with support from team members
  4. Once ready, submit their solutions in the platform

Entries close on December 31, 2021, and the five top finalists will be selected on January 9, 2022.





Preserve and restore natural ecosystems.
Create goods from materials that are renewable, repairable, reusable, and recyclable.
Improve the prevention, detection, and treatment of diseases and pandemics
Provide reliable, accessible, and secured data collections and analytical systems capable to track or predict ecosystem conditions.
Improve connectivity and technology access in disadvantaged areas, in particular for women
Improve supply chain practices to reduce food loss.
Develop resilient urban areas (sustainable buildings, early warning systems, resilient urban water and energy systems).



Challenge Prizes

The top three winners will receive financial rewards of $10,000 USD, $7,000 USD and $5,000 USD, respectively, at the January 20 award ceremony.

Further, the top five nominated solutions will be invited to attend the KAUST Winter Enrichment Program virtually in January, and have the opportunity to connect with a wide array of esteemed professors and benefit from their mentorship.

First Place $10,000
Second Place $7,000
Third Place $5,000